Top 20 Funniest Eric Andre Street Pranks

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  1. A lot of these genuinely scare me, especially the froot loops one. I mean there was a kid there man! He must have been so scared

  2. Eric Andre is the bravest/boldest comedian of all time cause the majority of people wouldn't dare do 1/3 of the stuff he does.

  3. I didn’t laugh once and think he should’ve been arrested for a number of these pranks. Clearly some serious mental issues needing all this attention but yes has an imagination like none other.

  4. His humor is a acquired taste. To me sometimes he's funny then other times he's just dumb, awkward, and obnoxious. But humor is different for everyone.

  5. That centaur prank straight up ain't a prank it's just annoying. If I was the dude that had cake all over my hands and pants I'd smack him good

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