Remote Controlled Alligator Ultimate Prank Compilation



  1. Cops – "Ya scarin people. That's a felony. 1st degree scary stuff."

    But I guess I understand where the cop is coming from if he isn't just really pissed off or jealous or whatever it might be. I don't know if alligators wonder in there but if they do then that fake one could trick people to believing the real one is fake and get them in trouble.

  2. That girl that hopped out of her boat and onto another just to get off and go back on hers…😑 If that was a real alligator it would've slapped her for being that dumb.

  3. For people wondering why the cops were called. Back in 1997 I was in a lake with a group of people and we actually had a real encounter with a huge alligator. Gator was about 5 feet from are float device and I had no choice but to pull out my side pistol. .45 special. I shot at the gator tried to target it right between the eyes. As the float device drifted up I shot a little high and behind the gator was another float device that had a mother and a baby on it. The bullet hit a 6 month old baby right in the face and basically the baby brains splattered all over the mother. It was a very shocking experience and in the midst of it all as we were all silent and in shock and awe we saw the gator swim over and start devouring the baby brains. So basically it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Just use your heads guys for real.

  4. Idk why though you'd call the regular police? If anything I agree with the guy and it should have just been animal control wth is a regular cop there for?

  5. I know this Farmington river spot at nepaug in Canton. Loved going off-roading there in my Toyota and drinking beers on the rock in “cold tub” where water swirls in circle. Great memories!!!


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