The Best Christmas tree Scare Prank – New Year's joke



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  2. Wonder what kind of LIABILITY THIS IDIOT would have if one of these pedestrians suddenly had a Heart Attack or other medical issue, being attributed to being shocked or scared!

    Was this Prank sponsored by the Store He was standing in front of, or some other Venue?

    Pretty Stupid!

  3. I think he does laugh to get a rise out of people other wise he would be just a tree! But it was funny! To a certain extent! Maybe he should try Ho ho ho or say Merry Christmas instead of the snickering laugh but it's definitely scaring the people,????

  4. for some reason that laugh at 1:27 got me, it's probably because it reminds me of Beavis and butthead….nice video, the sound is pretty nice, especially at the right moments

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